15 Beautiful Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bridal bouquet of roses on a wooden planks
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If you are planning a summer wedding, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the options you have for your floral bouquets. This season boasts the greatest selection of in-season flowers, meaning you will have a lot of options regardless of your budget and tastes.

Because there is so much choice, making a decision can become overwhelming. These 15 beautiful summer wedding bouquets feature seasonal flowers arranged in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to offer plenty of inspiration for your day.

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    Peonies as Accent Flowers

    Peony Summer Wedding Bouquet

    Lori Lynn Photography

    Bright and cheerful peonies are a perfect choice for an early summer wedding, and used as accent flowers, like they are in this bouquet by Candelaria Designs, they can be an affordable choice.

    This bouquet is combined with roses and poppies which are also in season during the summer. The bright shades of pink and yellow will be sure to make you and your guests smile.

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    Rustic Sunflowers

    Sunflower Summer Wedding Bouquet

    Smile Peace Love

    Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest blooms available during the summer, and they’re wonderful for rustic-style bouquets. This bride paired her sunflowers with bright roses and gerbera daisies, and her matching bouquet and floral crown by Kittelberger Florist really tied together her soirée at her family’s property. 

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    Luxurious Dahlias

    Dahlia Summer Wedding Bouquet

    Betsi Ewing

    If you’re dreaming of carrying a wedding bouquet down the aisle that has a just-picked-from-the-garden feel, you must consider dahlias. Dinner plate dahlias in particular have a gorgeous, soft feel that adds a touch of romance. When paired with roses, ranunculus, and greenery, the look is bright and colorful while still feeling luxurious, just like this bouquet by Juli Vaughn Designs.

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    Natural Wildflowers

    Wildflower Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Anagram Photo

    If you’re hoping to carry a wildflower-inspired bouquet down the aisle at your rustic or vintage wedding, look no further than Queen Anne’s lace. This summer bloom has a light and airy feel and is a perfect filler flower.

    Tailor & Table joined Queen Anne’s lace together with white poppies in this bouquet, and the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets look fantastic when tied with mustard-hued ribbon. 

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    Bold Red Zinnias

    Zinnia Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Nicole Jansma Photography

    Zinnia season begins toward the end of summer, and there are plenty of affordable varieties to include in bouquets. Here, Nicole Jansma Photography showcases a bouquet with honeycomb-style zinnias in bold red, and it also features ranunculus, berries, and greenery. The color palette makes a brilliant statement.

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    Bright Citrus

    Citrus Summer Wedding Bouquet
    IN Photography

    Thanks to its bright colors, citrus is always a welcome sight in summer wedding bouquets. Love This Day Events designed and planned a ranch wedding, and the team suggested that the bouquet should feature citrus, astilbe, and plenty of greens. The look is a great combination of rustic and whimsical for an outdoor summer celebration.

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    Poppies Add a Touch of Whimsy

    Poppy Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Jessica Imrie Photography

    Poppies are one of the best flowers to include in bouquets when you’re planning a whimsical wedding. They are in season during the summer, and they are most often found in shades of yellow, orange, and red. The Girl Floral designed this bouquet solely featuring poppies to make a real statement. 

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    Billy Ball Summer Wedding Bouquet

    Billy Ball Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Alexis June Weddings

    Billy balls are the perfect bouquet addition to add a touch of playfulness and color. The bright yellow shade of this in-season summer flower is so much fun, and the whimsy only continues in this design, captured by Alexis June Weddings. It also features protea, greens, and more, all tied together with ribbon and lace. 

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    Affordable Hydrangeas

    Hydrangea Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Cameron Clark Photography

    Mackenzie and Will celebrated their wedding day on Nantucket, and they agreed they wanted to save money on their flowers. To achieve their goal, they opted to solely include hydrangeas.

    The combination of ivory and blue flowers adds interest and the fact that the flower is famous for its presence on the island is a nice touch. The bouquet is affordable while still looking completely elegant and refined. 

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    Unusual Succulents

    Succulent Summer Wedding Bouquet
    John + Moch Photography

    Succulents may be in season all year, but their soft green tones allow them to be a gorgeous and unusual option for summer wedding bouquets. Here, John + Moch Photography captured succulents with blush pink roses and astilbe at an elegant outdoor soiree. 

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    Feverfew Creates Volume

    Feverfew Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Rock My Wedding

    If you’re searching for a budget-friendly, natural bouquet alternative, make sure to consider feverfew. The advantage of this flower, which is featured heavily in this bouquet from Rock My Wedding, is the blooms are clustered together to provide volume. Here, they are joined by cornflowers, and the combination of colors is gorgeous for vintage or rustic weddings. 

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    In-Season Fruits For an Organic Look

    Blueberry Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Jack and Jane Photography

    If you are looking to create an organic wedding bouquet, what better way to do that than by including fruit? This bouquet by Alet Wessels features ivory roses and plenty of eucalyptus, and it also creatively incorporates an in-season summer fruit—blueberries.

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    Adding Texture with Air Plants

    Thistle and Air Plant Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Bumby Photography

    Similar to succulents, air plants are available year-round. Here, florist Weddings by Carly Ane’s paired an air plant with thistle and eucalyptus to create a more summer-focused look. If you’re planning an organic wedding or one in a greenhouse, this bouquet would add texture and is a good option to add to a bouquet you are making yourself.  

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    Mexican-Inspired Bouquet

    Orchid Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Kristen Weaver Photography

    Raining Roses Productions and Kristen Weaver Photography teamed up to create this wedding inspired by the celebratory feel of Mexico. For the bright and fun bouquet magenta, orange, and yellow orchids are featured with gerbera daisies, greenery, and tropical flowers.  

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    Elegant and Classy Roses

    Rose Summer Wedding Bouquet
    Tamara Gruner

    Roses are beautiful in every season! Yonder House paired bright pink, peach, and light pink standard and Juliet garden roses together with deep red dahlias to create this garden-inspired summer wedding bouquet.