Skills & Specialties

There's plenty to repair or replace in any home. If you have the DIY skills to fix blown fuses or clogged drains, our specialty guide will help you do it.
Drill Into Glass
How to Drill a Hole in Glass
home repair
Home Repair Skill Levels Explained
Remove Stuck Recessed Light Bulb
How to Remove a Stuck Recessed Light Bulb
Removing Recessed Light
How to Remove a Recessed Light
Low-Voltage Wiring
What Is Low-Voltage Wire?
Dining Room Light Fixtures
Why Is My Light Fixture Buzzing?
Wall Sconce Light
How to Install a Wall Sconce
Kitchen outlet with electric kettle across from mug and french press coffee maker
Kitchen Electrical Code For Outlets, Lighting, and Appliances
Installing recessed lighting in ceiling
How to Install Recessed Lighting
The Difference Between Watts vs. Volts
voltage check
Amperage, Not Voltage, Poses the Greatest Danger With Electrical Shock
Light bulb held in hand in front of empty light fixture
How to Match Bulb Wattage to Light Fixtures
voltage tester
8 Different Types of Electrical Testers and How to Choose One
Main electrical service utility box with door open and yellow wires coming from sides
Determining the Size of Your Main Electrical Service
Outlet or wall switch boxes placed in different heights
How to Set Standard Outlet and Light Switch Heights
Ground fault breaker installed inside home service panel
Install a GFCI Circuit Breaker to Protect an Entire Circuit
Recessed lighting held up by hand with light on
How to Convert a Ceiling Light to a Recessed Light
Old work electrical box being mounted into wall with screwdriver
How to Install an Old Work Electrical Box in an Existing Wall
Green electrical strip with multiple load capacities and white and black cables being plugged in
Learn How to Calculate Safe Electrical Load Capacities
Hardwired smoke detector installed on wall
How to Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors
recessed lighting
Pros and Cons of Recessed Can Lights
replacing an outlet plate
Common Electrical Projects and How Much They Cost
recessed ceiling light
Everything You Need to Know About Recessed Lighting
electric box
A Handy Visual Guide to Electrical Boxes
Plastic and metal electrical box
When to Use a Plastic or Metal Electrical Box
Electrical junction box being nailed to wooden post for installation
Follow These Steps to Install an Electrical Junction Box
Walk-in closet with recessed and hanging lighting and white cabinets and shelving
Learn How to Select the Right Lighting for Your Closet
Electric meter on house
How an Electric Meter Is Wired
How to Calculate Subpanel Loads
Calculating Loads for Electrical Subpanel Sizing
light switch on wall
Electrical Code Rules for Every Room in the House
Electrical box with surrounding insulation
Reduce Your Energy Costs With Electrical Box Insulation
GFCI receptacle wired to line and load electrical system
The Difference Between Electrical Line and Load
Electrical Service Panel
Understanding Your Home's Breaker Box
bistro lighting
11 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Outdoor Lighting
Uses for solar energy illustration
10 Ways You Can Use Solar Energy in Your Home
electronic plugged into an extension cord
Use the Right Extension Cord Gauge for the Job
Overhead power lines near residential homes.
Underground vs. Overhead Electrical Service Feeders
Grounded adapter for an electrical outlet
This is Why You Should Never Use Plug Adapters
Plastic electrical box
6 Tips for Installing Electrical Boxes in Walls
Electric Service Drop
Basics of Residential Electric Service Drops
Metal countertop and electrical outlet
Difference Between Line and Load With GFCI Outlets
Illuminated pendant lights with incandescent amber bulbs hanging at home
How Does the Electricity Flow at Your House?
Light bulb lying on a wood surface
8+ Light Bulb Shapes and Code Meanings
Old fuse box
Understanding Fuses and Fuse Boxes
Residential Circuit Breaker Panel with Service Writing
An Electrical Subpanel Allows Extra Circuits to Be Added
Fuse box with screw-in fuses
How Do Fuses and Fuse Boxes Work?
White candle sticks on brass candle holders in front of wicker chair with patterned pillows
How to Protect Your Home Against 7 Common Causes of Fire
Low Angle View Of Illuminated Light Bulbs Hanging Against Wall
When Does Wattage Matter?
underground electricity supply
How to Install Underground Electrical Cables Yourself
Close-Up Of Illuminated Lamp On Night Table By Bed At Home
Learn the Basics of Your Home's Electrical System
Electrician installing electricity, generating power in a home remodel
What Are the Requirements for Electrical Inspector Checkpoints?
person screwing a light bulb into a lamp
How to Tell What Size Light Bulb You Can Use
Installation of a switch box
Is It Legal to Do Your Own Electrical Work?
Electric Service Panel
Electrical Service Panel Basics For Homeowners
circuit breaker
Brands Matter When Replacing or Adding Defective Circuit Breaker
A closeup shot of a motion sensor light switch on the wall
Motion Sensor Light Switches and Their Uses
Old work electrical box inserted into wall opening with stripped cable
5 Handy Electrical Remodeling Tricks and Tips
Octagon electrical box
Choosing the Right Octagon Electrical Box for Your Next Project
African American woman fixing light switch
Understanding the Markings on Electrical Switches
Woman turning off light switch on green wallpapered wall, close-up
How Do Light Switches Works?