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Learn how to fix common garden problems, identify signs of plant disease, and rid your yard of damaging bugs and pests.

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Close-Up Of Wasp Pollinating On Flower
Here 8 Ways to Naturally Repel Wasps From Your Home
Cherry tree with dead leaves due to root rot.
Smart Ways to Treat or Prevent Root Rot
yellow leaves on a houseplant
These 6 Causes Are Turning Your Houseplants' Leaves Yellow
splitting tomato on the vine
Try These Simple Tricks to Prevent Tomatoes from Splitting
Thread twine through rubber hose
How to Straighten and Stake a Leaning Tree
aphids on a plant
How to Control Aphids on Indoor House Plants
cucumber ready for harvest
Don't Get into a Pickle: Here's How to Prevent Bitter Cucumbers
Lettuce leaves bolting between dark red vegetation
Why Lettuce Bolts and How to Stop It
leaf galls
How to Deal With Leaf Galls (Bumps on Your Tree"s Leaves)
Fungus gnats on houseplant with spikes closeup
Easy, Natural Ways to Control Fungus Gnats on Houseplants
Gardenia plant in bloom.
Find out Why Your Gardenia Has Yellow Leaves
dead patch on lawn
Understanding Why Your Lawn Has Bald, Dead Spots
brown spotted leaf on tree trunk
Why Tree Leaves Die or Turn Brown
Brown leaves on a magnolia tree.
Why Does My Magnolia Tree Have Browning Leaves?
Harriet Waldman is a type of Japanese maple tree that is tricolored. I find its leaves brown up at the margins rather easily.
Why Do I Have Brown Leaves on My Japanese Maple Trees?
spraying neem oil on plants
Do You Mean Business When Tackling Garden Bugs? Then Neem Them!
Image of pink rose of Sharon flower with deep pink throat and prominent stamen.
Why Are the Flower Buds on My Rose of Sharon Not Opening?
whiteflies on a leaf
How to Get Rid of Whiteflies on Your Houseplants
Orchid leaf with black fungal spots
Here's How to Treat Black Spots on Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Leaves
leaves falling from a fiddle leaf fig
Why Are the Leaves Falling off My Houseplant?
ingredients for baking soda spray
Use Baking Soda Spray to Cure Plant Fungal Problems
Growing lettuce
Keep Lettuce Producing in the Heat of Summer
splitting tomatoes
3 Common Tomato Plant Problems and How to Prevent Them
closeup of tomato blossoms
How Do You Control Blossom Drop in Tomato Plants?
Signs of Plant Nutrient Deficiencies
Are Your Plants Nutrient-Deficient?
cat in front of a garden bed
10 Ways to Keep Kitty Out of Your Flowers
rot on tomatoes
Why Do My Tomatoes Turn Black on the Bottom?
Dog in a flower garden
Discover 4 Ways to Keep Dogs out of Flowers Once and for All
A Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) perched on a wooden fence
What Are Some Harmful Garden Pests You Shouldn't Ignore?
Crape myrtle tree flowering in pink.
Causes of Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Brown
Dwarf alberta spruce tree with short green needles dropping in the middle of branches
Why Dwarf Alberta Spruces Drop Their Needles
Arborvitae shrub
Why Does Emerald Cedar Foliage Turn Brown?
Gardener fertilizing lawn
Tips for Finding Non-Toxic Lawn Fertilizers and Pesticides
Marbled red and white roses with upright necks and leaves closeup
Why Did My Roses Wilt?
Flowering cherry tree branch with white and light pink blossoms
I Bought a Flowering Tree That Has Failed to Bloom. Why?
Seed pod of star magnolia tree with orange seeds popping out.
When a Bump Is More Than a Bump: Star Magnolias
Baby rabbit eating clover
Use These Tips to Control Rabbits in the Garden
Hemp Growing
Protecting Seedlings from Fungus Gnats
Magnolia tree branch with flower buds
Why Magnolia Buds Sometimes Don't Open and Fail to Flower
Plant labels possibly girdling a tree
What Is Tree Girdling and How Bad Is It?
Weigela bush with deep pink flowers.
Why Do My Transplanted Weigela Shrubs Have Leaf-Wilt?
Sooty mold on a leaf.
Ants or Sooty Mold on a Magnolia Tree Might Mean You Have Scale Bugs
Grafts for a replacement arm on an established trained apple tree
Learn How to Use a Bridge Graft to Repair Your Damaged Tree
Yellow daffodils clustered in middle of meadow
Why Your Daffodils Are Not Blooming
Woman spraying flowers in the garden
Controlling Insect and Diseases in the Vegetable Garden
An orchid-pink-color Rose of Sharon flower blooms in the garden.
Why Your Rose of Sharon Leaves Are Turning Yellow
Azalea leaf gall
What Are Those Weird Looking Bumps on My Azaleas?
Witches broom
Those Strange Growths in Your Tree Branches Could Be Witches' Broom
Channels created by larvae of the Emerald Ash Borer
8 Common Ash Tree Problems That Could Be Harming Your Tree
Leaves of a tomato plant turning purple and black
Why Are My Tomato Leaves Turning Purple?
Gooseberry sawfly larvae feeding on red currant leaf
How to Identify and Control Sawfly Larvae
rose rosette disease
How to Identify and Prevent Rose Rosette Disease
apple tree with unhealthy leaves
4 Common Apple Tree Diseases
Black currant disease. Anthracnose on the leaf
How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Anthracnose
spraying baking soda spray onto a plant
How to Control Powdery Mildew With a Homemade Spray
spraying powdery mildew
How Do You Prevent and Control Powdery Mildew?
Red tomatoes hanging on diseased vine closeup
What Are Some Common Diseases That Can Kill Tomato Plants
Septoria on tomato plants
Save Your Tomatoes From Septoria Leaf Spot
powdery mildew on a plant leaf
How to Use Milk Spray to Control Powdery Mildew
powdery mildew on leaves
Prevent Powdery Plant Mildew Using Baking Soda and Soap

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