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Wild bergamot plants with frilly light pink flowers in rain garden
12 Plants for Your Rain Garden
Best Lawn Care Services
Best Lawn Care Services of 2022
shady landscape
14 Best Plants to Grow in Shady Spots
Small backyard with white-themed landscaping and guesthouse
23 Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards
Backyard makeover with outdoor trees and foliage covering fences
10 Before and After Backyard Makeovers
Zen garden with plants and Japanese structures.
How to Make a Zen Garden
pampas grass
8 Best Ornamental Grasses to Add Privacy to the Garden
ornamental grass
Elegant Ornamental Grasses to Grow in Any Garden
Outdoor waterfall with large rocks and water cascading down to stream
How to Build Beautiful (and Cheap!) Waterfalls in Your Backyard
dry creek bed in nature.
Build Your Own Dry Creek Bed for Landscape Drainage or Decoration
rock garden
How to Build Rock Gardens for Small Spaces
lawn with wooden bench in the evening
Use These Tips to Fix an Uneven Lawn
ideas for property line landscaping
Mark Your Property Lines With Plants
French drain with gravel.
How to Build a Simple French Drain or Swale Without a Drain Pipe
Ornamental grasses cut back in front yard
How to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses in Spring or Fall
mulch in a flower bed
Types of Mulch and Why You Should Use Them
cat licking a plant
Plants for the Pet Friendly Garden
tree and succulents in landscaping
44 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas
house with pond and waterfall
Get Inspired: 25 Gorgeous Pond Waterfall Designs
A River of Lamb's Ear Holds a Hillside Garden in Place.
How to Landscape a Sloped Yard
Berm planted with evergreen shrubs.
Landscape Your Yard With Beneficial Berms
privacy bamboo in a yard
13 Landscaping Ideas for Creating Privacy in Your Yard
Rock columns at a gated driveway entrance.
Rock Is an Ideal Hardscape Material for Your Landscape
House shrubbery
Tips for Effective Foundation Plantings
Lamb's ear plant with silver-like leaves in sunlight
16 Silver-Foliage Plants to Brighten Your Landscape
Front door landscaping
Pictures of Landscaping for Front Door Entrances
Garden and white picket fence with New England style house in background
Picture One of These Features In Your Landscape
pool and yard with landscaping
Choosing the Best Landscaping for Pool Areas
fountain grass
How to Prune Ornamental Grasses
landscape architects
What Is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and Designer?
Properly installed drain profile
Tips for Installing Drainage in a Lawn
Grass clippings as lawn multch
To Mulch or Not to Mulch?
rolling out landscaping fabric
Fight Weeds With Landscape Fabric
Tall bamboo grass growing in front of wall in yard
How to Remove Bamboo From Your Yard
Getting Land Grading Right is of Utmost Importance
Image of a small waterfall made with natural rock.
How to Build Small Waterfalls
closeup of crushed stone
Calculate the Amount Required for Your Patio, Driveway, or Yard Using This Formula
Outdoor patio with plants
Best Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Space
Rock garden with small bushes with pink and purple flowers
16 Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas and Tips
White labrador puppy walking on mowed lawn near cobblestone pathway
The Best Landscaping Tips for Dog Owners
Home with foundation planting
Have Foundation Plantings Really Gone Out of Style?
Image: landscape timber edging used to frame a sedum bed.
Learn How to Install Landscape Timber Edging
how to draw landscape plans illustration
Learn How to Draw Landscape Plans
Impressive backyard landscape design with patio area
Interesting Design Ideas to Improve Your Backyard
Student learn about pruning from an experienced mentor
This Is What You Need to Become a Landscape Designer
ME-Cape Porpoise
Landscaping Ideas for the Botanically Challenged
Man trimming hedge
10 Landscaping Errors to Avoid
A French drain with gravel
Causes and Solutions for Standing Water in a Yard
Exterior of modern house
10 Tips for Home Garden Landscaping
Closeup of termite pests.
Does Using Mulch Near a House Foundation Draw Termites?
Black mulch and shrubs along a house foundation.
Is Dyed Mulch Safe to Use?
Image of Angelina sedum against a backdrop of red mulch.
Are You a Fan or Foe of Red-Colored Mulch?
Budget landscape with different plants arranged with large rocks
How to Get the Most Bang for Your Landscaping Buck
Stewartstonian azalea in bloom with red flowers.
Choose the Right Plants for Your Landscaping Project
A blooming garden with a water feature
9 Landscape Problem Areas and How to Deal With Them
Garden lime poured into garden from spade
Garden Lime: What It Is & Its Uses in Landscaping
Mixture of annuals and perennials
Tips for Choosing Edging Plants for Your Garden
dishes used as edging
Best Lawn Edging Materials for Your Home
Image of garden bench with coreopsis and zinnias.
New to Landscaping? Here's Where to Start
Man shoveling mulch into wheelbarrow.
Should I Get Rid of Old Mulch in Spring or Keep It?

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