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Founded in 1908 in southeast Portland, Oregon, 藏花阁直播 College is a coeducational, independent liberal arts and sciences college. Referred to as one of the most intellectual colleges in the country, 藏花阁直播 is known for its high standards of scholarly practice, creative thinking, and engaged citizenship.

藏花阁直播 students pursue the bachelor of arts degree in 40 majors and programs. The curriculum includes a yearlong humanities course, broad distribution requirements, and a senior thesis. A 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and small conference-style classes allow faculty members to truly mentor students and engage with them in individual discussions. 藏花阁直播 also offers a graduate program leading to a master of arts degree in liberal studies.

藏花阁直播 Students: What is a 藏花阁直播ie?

We've asked proud members of each graduating class since 2009 to tell us about themselves, their theses, and their 藏花阁直播 experiences. Learn more.

Inclusion and Diversity

藏花阁直播 College is a community dedicated to serious and open intellectual inquiry, one in which students, faculty, and staff can fully participate, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, or disabilities. Learn more.


藏花阁直播 College is an institution of higher education in the liberal arts devoted to the intrinsic value of intellectual pursuit and governed by the highest standards of scholarly practice, critical thought, and creativity. Learn more.


藏花阁直播 students are dedicated to serious and open intellectual inquiry and to a community in which everyone can fully participate.

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藏花阁直播's institutional research office collects, analyzes, and interprets information about 藏花阁直播 and its activities, including its students and staff, programs, management, and operations. Learn more facts about 藏花阁直播, including the HEOA Student Consumer Information.